Mizzfit Bianca


 MinxNY’s BeachTech towel was featured on MizzFit Bianca’s Instagram + Instagram Stories!

 Mizzfit_bianca - BeachTech Towels Mizzfit_bianca - BeachTech Towels


USA Today's 10Best


MinxNY Kissables Make-up Removing Cloth was featured for "10 unique ways to leave a smaller footprint when you travel” on USA Today's 10Best!!

USA Today`s 10Best - SPA CollectionUSA Today`s 10Best - SPA Collection


 "Steals & Deals for April” on WPTV.com!


MinxNY was featured on WPTV - Steals and Deals for April for the SPA Collection.Steals and Deals - SPA Collection - WPTVSteals and Deals - SPA Collection - WPTVSteals and Deals - SPA Collection - WPTV

Olivia Zapo
YouTube Channel - Olivia Zapo
Olivia Zapo - BeachTech Towel Olivia Zapo - BeachTech Towel

Accessories Magazine


MinxNY Phone Pocket Scarf was featured for “Item of the Day” on AccessoriesMagazine.com!

Accessoriesmagazine.com - Scarf


Readers Digest
MinxNY was featured for 19 Gifts to Really Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day on ReadersDigest.com!ReadersDigest.com - Slipper Socks

 "If you’re looking for something a little more compact and super absorbent go for the the MinxNY BeachTech High Performance Towel made of a Microfiber that absorbs almost 5 times more water than a regular cotton terry towel. It also has genuine antibacterial microfibers that help prevent odor and germs and features a nifty zipper-closed cellphone pocket." - Miami.comMiami.com - BeachTech Towel

Just Jared Jr.
" Isabela is also pictured below taking a break from a press interview, wearing MinxNY slipper socks and giving herself a pedicure with Dip into Pretty pedicure spacers and nail polish." - Just Jared Jr.  Just Jared Jr. - Isabela Moner - Slipper Socks

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show


MinxNY was featured in -#WhatsTrending: Scarves That Hold Your Phone! - from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

Elvis Duran TV Show Scarf with Pocket

 "Actress Isabela Moner slips into a pair of MinxNY slipper before an interview in New York City on March 19, 2017." - Celebuzz 

Isabela Moner Slipper Socks

Media - Website 

Isabela Moner Slipper Socks 

Isabela Moner Slipper Socks


Trae Bodge's 
"Spring Break is more than a month away, but I'm definitely packing this ultra absorbent Beach Tech towel. I love how it rolls up and has a water-resistant pocket!" - @traebodge

                           Trae Bodge - BeachTech Towels

Trae Bodge - BeachTech Towels

Social Media - Instagram and Twitter


Radar Online

Isabela Moner Baseball Cap

Media - Website


"Disney Teen star Isabela Moner wears a cute fur pom hat by MinxNY in New York City on February 22, 2017." - Celebuzz

Isabela Moner Baseball Cap

Isabela Moner Baseball Cap

 Media - Website

The Little Hygge Book


Cross-Promo with the NYT bestseller "THE LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE". Ends through 2/27/2017. 

The Little Book of Hygge - Slipper SocksThe Little Book of Hygge - Slipper SocksThe Little Book of Hygge - Slipper Socks


WABC - ABC7 Eyewitness News


Here is a video of MinxNY being featured on ABC7 Eyewitness News on December, 18th for best last minute gift ideas. 


  ABC7 Eyewitness News - Amy Freeze - Cellphone Boots

  WABC - ABC7 Eyewitness News - MinxNY

 Medias - Television and Instagram


WABC - ABC7 Eyewitness News - MinxNY


Zia Domic - The Hunter Collector


Zia enjoying her day out wearing our knit slouchy beanie. 



Zia Domic - The Hunter Collector - Beanie

  Zia Domic - The Hunter Collector - Beanie

Social Media - Instagram and Blog



Christina rocking our Plaid Blanket Shawl and Taupe Knit Slouchy Beanie in Manhattan, NY.

Downtown Native - Beanie and Blanket

 Social Media - Instagram

Downtown Native - Beanie and Blanket



Adeeba. M- The Girl Name Adi


Adeeba was spotted wearing our Knit Slouchy Hat on Sunday January 7th, at a waffle factory in New Rochelle.

Adeeba. M- The Girl Name Adi - Beanie 

Social Media - Instagram 

Adeeba. M- The Girl Name Adi - Beanie



   Adeeba. M- The Girl Name Adi - Beanie




Emily Bache & Abigail Breslin- The Wanderlust Girls


Emily and Abigail are seen wearing our Baseball Cap with Fur Pom on a few occassions.

The Wanderlust Girls - Baseball Cap


Social Media - Instagram

 The Wanderlust Girls - Baseball Cap



 The Wanderlust Girls - Baseball Cap




Liz Teich (TheBrooklynStylist)




"Faux Real! ❤️️☃️ // MinxNY I partnered up this holiday season and want to give one of you this gorg faux fur scarf.".


Liz Teich - Faux Fur Collar  Liz Teich - Faux Fur Collar
 Social Media: Instagram 

Melanie Torres

"Staying cozy on this rainy day with my MinxNY slippers..." - said Melanie Torres.




                                                           Melanie Torres - Burgandy Booties Social Media: Instagram         


Wander & Whine


“ Owl Slippers: These adorable slippers from MinxNY are THE coziest clouds of fluff to ever adorn our feet. The material is infused with shea butter to give you an extra dose of softness” -Wander & Whine’s Gift Guide 2016

                               Wander and Whine - Slipper Socks   Social Media- Blog                                                              

MinxNY is in the Celebuzz Gift Guide -29 Stylish Holiday Gifts for the Fashionable Man, with the Wrap Scarf with Faux Leather Front Pocket.Celebuzz - Scarf

Social Media - Blog

 That's So Sana


That`s So Sana wore our cute lavender infused slipper. Nothing better for a Monday morning!


That's So Sana - Slipper Socks

Social Media - Instagram


Chelsea Henriquez  



Chelsea Henriquez is ready for the winter. She posted some pictures wearing our Slouchy Beanie that will keep her warm and cozy on the coldest days!                          

     Chelsea Henriquez BeanieChelsea Henriquez Beanie

Social Media - Blog, Instagram and Twitter

Chelsea Henriquez Beanie 



Fashion Avenue News Magazine
MinxNY appeared on a Fashion Avenue News Magazine with our Scarves, slipper socks, and hats.  Fashion Avenue News Magazine Slipper Socks
            Fashion Avenue News Magazine Slipper Socks

 Fashion Avenue News Magazine Slipper Socks

Social Media - Blog

Tia Wong

Tia Wong shared some amazing pictures wearing our Blanket Shawl. Available in Red and Brown.


Tia Wong Blanket

           Tia Wong Blanket

Social Media - Twitter, Instagram, and Blog

                Tia Wong Blanket


David Plowden
David Plowden posted some nice pictures wearing our socks. MinxNY colorful dress socks for men will keep you stylish whether in the office out on the town 

David Plowden Socks

Social Media - Instagram

David Plowden Socks


Zhenya Hutson

Zhenya Hutson wore our beanie to make herself warm during these cold days.

Zhenya Hutson Beanie

Social Media - Instagram and Facebook

Dani Heinrich


MinxNY is in the Holiday Gift Guide from Globetrotters.GLOBETROTTERS Slipper Socks


             GLOBETROTTERS Slipper Socks

Social Media - Blog and Instagram


Olivia Zapo

Youtube Channel - Olivia Zapo

Olivia Zapo shared her GuiftGuide for the Holidays, and MinxNY is mentioned with the Slipper Socks w/ cellphone pocket.

Olivia Zapo - Slipper Socks

Social Media - YouTube


Gaby Ramos


Gaby Ramos posted on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter our Fuzzy Lavender Infused Slipper Socks with Cellphone pocket. 


Available in different colors. 

Gaby Ramos - Slipper Socks

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kayla Mochi  

Kayla Mochi just posted an incredible video wearing MinxNY products.


Social Media - YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat 



 She looked so COZY and WARM with the scarf, booties and beanie.

Kayla Mochi - Scarf


Kayla Mochi - Beanie


Kayla Mochi - Beanie



Brittany Gori



Brittany Gori posted an AMAZING picture with our slipper socks.She said “As much as I love being on the go, there really is no place like home for the holidays. Until I finally make my way back to SF, I've been bringing my MinxNY slippers to make myself at home everywhere I go.”

So sweet, we couldn’t agree more. 

Brittany Gori - Knit Booties

Social Media - Instagram

Michelle Dohner 

MinxNY is in the latest Cinnamon Girl Beauty`s video. She received our Altos Women’s Slipper Sock and our delicate textured wrap scarf.We loved it, she looked so cozy and beautiful with them!

Social Media - Youtube


Nia Nicole  

MinxNY is in the recent video that Nia Nicole posted on YouTube with her HOTTEST Holiday gift ideas & to Kick 12 days of Christmas!! Click to see her video.

Social Media - Instagram and Youtube


Hevin Zaza 

StylebyZaza posted some AMAZING pictures with our Cherokee Corduroy Outdoor Hard Bottom Fuzzy Boots. Cute and fashion at the same time.

Available in Chocolate, Grey, and Tan.

Hevin Zaza - Cherokee Boots Hevin Zaza - Cherokee Boots

Hevin Zaza - Cherokee Boots

 Social Media - Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

Melody Sours


Melody Sours loved our cozy Navajo Boots. As she mentioned, "They’re cute stylish and hands down the most comfortable things I’ve ever to grace my feet." Available in Lime, Gold, Navy and Tan.
Melody Sours Navajo BootsMelody Sours Navajo Boots
Melody Sours Navajo BootsSocial Media - Blog and InstagramMelody Sours Navajo Boots


Melody also wore with style our Blanket Shawl in red.Melody Sours BlanketSocial Media - Instagram and BlogMelody Sours Blanket 


Kristen Cheers 

The Boston Fashionista wore our Navajo Boots and Scarf with a front pocket. Look how fashion and cozy she is!
Kristen Cheers - Navajo Boots - ScarfKristen Cheers - Navajo Boots - Scarf
Kristen Cheers - Navajo Boots - Scarf Social Media - Blog and InstagramKristen Cheers - Navajo Boots - Scarf


Tiffany Cook   

Tiffany CookSocial Media - InstagramComfort is key! Tiffany Cook was wearing our cozy slippers socks during this Holiday. So cozy.


Lucee Santini

MInxNY is in the Holiday Day Gift Guide - Fashion Junky.
Lucee Santini - ScarfLucee Santini - Gloves
Lucee Santini - Slipper SocksLucee Santini - Boots

                                                         Social Media - Blog 

Sydney Wilfley

Look how cuteThe Bottle Blonde is wearing our Knit Slouchy Beanie.
Sydney Wiffey - BeanieSydney Wiffey - Beanie
Sydney Wiffey - BeanieSydney Wiffey - Beanie

                                                                           Sydney Wiffey - Beanie

                                     Social Media - Instagram and Blog

Amy Asaturyan 

Doodles and dresses wore our stylish Knee high socks that are fun, fashionable and warm.These also work great with your favorite pair of high boots. Available in different styles and colors.
Amy Asaturyan - Knee High SocksSocial Media - InstagramAmy Asaturyan - Knee High Socks Amy Asaturyan - Knee High Socks Amy Asaturyan - Knee High Socks 


Ohn Mintyfresh

  Ohn Mintyfresh posted some great photos wearing our Ribbed Knee Highs with Metal Studs.   Ohn Mintyfresh - Knee Highs       Ohn Mintyfresh - Knee Highs
Ohn Mintyfresh - Knee HighsSocial Media - Instagram and BlogOhn Mintyfresh - Knee Highs Ohn Mintyfresh - Knee Highs 


Ruya Kirac

Ruya snapped a few pictures wearing our shawl in Red and Neutral Booties. What a win!      Ruya Kirac - Blanket
Ruya Kirac - BlanketSocial Media - Blog and InstagramRuya Kirac - BlanketRuya Kirac - Blanket

Chelsie Petras

Chelsie Petras shared an amazing picture wearing our Women's Fuzzy Shea Butter Infused Sweater Knit Booties! Available in 4 different colors.Chelsie Petras - Knit Booties
 Social Media - Instagram

Jessica Hills 

Jessica Hills posted her ideas for the holiday shopping...and Minx Slipper Socks is on her list. As she described, "these definitely are very warm and very comfy- plus they have a pocket to put your cell phone in! So handy! They are also adorable!  Any girl would feel pampered to get these as a gift!"  
Available in different colors. 
Jessica Hills - Slippers Socks Social Media - Blog 

Brittany Michèle 

Brittany Michèle posted an AMAZING picture of our Women`s Navajo Boot with Phone Pocket! So cute and comfy! 
As one of our most popular items here at MinxNY. 
Available in different colors - Gold, Lime, Navy and Tan!

Brittany Michèle Navajo Boot

 Social Media - Instagram

Alicia Wanders 

 Alicia Wanders wore the adorable ultra plush shea butter infused animal slippers. The shea butter infusion is
perfect for the cold and dry winter months, and as Alicia described "are like spun clouds on my feet.". 
Available with different animals - dog, owl and pig!

Animal Slipper

 Social Media - Instagram

Carrie Albrecht

Carrie Albrecht wore our beautiful (and incredibly soft!) faux fur scarf. She loved the hidden pocket where she could store her phone, keys, bank card, etc. You can also enjoy the perfect balance between fashion and function. 

Available in Black and Cream.


 Social Media - Blog