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Hygge To Your Ears

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 3:33:17 PM America/New_York

Hygge and music work hand in hand. Why? Well music is the art of producing beauty of form, harmony, and expressing emotion – all of which are key aspects of hygge.  What better way to calm yourself, de-stress after a long day, and relax - then to put on your favorite songs! Here at the MinxNY office we always have music playing – it helps us concentrate, relieves us of stress, and keeps the spirits up. 

So we decided to share with you our favorite ‘hygee-inspired’ songs!  Check out the Spotify playlist that we have created & comment below some of your favorite ‘hygge-isque’ songs.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on our playlist – your song might just get added!


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WTF is hygge?!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 12:05:50 PM America/New_York

WTF is hygge?

Hygge is so many things, it’s a feeling, an emotion, an experience.  It can mean different things for different people but the most important thing that hygge is, is acknowledging the simple, special moments that nourish.  Consider it a soul cleanse, taking the time to reflect on what used to bring you the simple joys before life’s stressors came in and took away from that. Hygge is the happiness and the comfort that the littlest things can create – rather it the relaxation that overcomes you as the first drops of morning coffee hit the pot, enveloping your home with the warm aroma of roasted beans or laying down a blanket on the soft, untouched white sands, your mind falling into the hypnotizing rhythms of the waves crashing against the shore.

Hygge has been practiced by the Danish for years – which makes sense considering they are one of the happiest countries in the world – and the movement is making its way towards the States. Like many other wellness trends, there are fades; they come and go - people forget they exist, they waste a bunch of money on new equipment or foods that are never used, most of which collects dust in the closest, and in a few weeks it’s over with (think Vegan).  Hygge is completely different – to live a hygge lifestyle doesn’t require spending extra money or making major changes in your lifestyle. 

The whole idea of hygge is recognizing the moment and enjoying it. The first step to being hygge is to be present. That cell phone that’s glued to your hand: put it in your pocket, look up at what’s around you; the people, the scenery, the smells – there is so much that we miss with our heads in our phones. How is it possible to be present in the moment when you are emerged in situations that are completely outside of it? Ever hear that saying ‘Stop and smell the roses’? This is exactly what you can do to bring yourself into the present. Follow these steps below:

  1. Stop & Close your eyes
  2. Take a deep breath, exhale, and open your eyes
  3. You have just became present in the moment - now look around – find the calm in the current situation.  What brings you pleasure in your this environment? What takes away the stressors that are currently bothering you? What makes you feel secure? And most importantly, what brings you happiness? All of the answers you have are what bring you hygge.

The best part about hygge is that you can’t really do hygge wrong! The reason is because everyone finds comfort, coziness, security, and happiness in different ways.  What one person might consider cozy, another person might not.  To some, a crackling fireplace with a warm cup of hot cocoa & comfortable pair of slippers is hygge while for another it might be a long bicycle ride, wind blowing, with the sun beating down on your skin that relieves the stress – there is no wrong answer. 

Hygge can be best enjoyed with a group of friends, laughter and togetherness or it can be alone – reflecting and remembering.  It is about the feeling of intimacy – A large factor that is important in the art of hygge is the home - consider hygge the less complicated version of fung shei. A hygge home is inviting, intimate, secure, and most important, comfortable:  think lots of candles, even more baked goods, and definitely a drawer full of cozies (sweaters, slippers, blankets).

Hygge is not meant to be complicated and it’s defiantly not meant to bring more stress into your life.  You never have to worry about doing something ‘wrong’ when you are living the hygge life – as long as you feel right – happy, safe, secure, comfortable – then you have mastered the art of being a hyggi (a person who practices hygge)!


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To Die For

Monday, November 14, 2016 2:42:41 PM America/New_York


To Die For!

This Plaid Blanket Shawl is literally a must have! As one of our most popular items here at MinxNY, it is absolutely no wonder why everyone loves it.

 It's well made, has an awesome fit, avaialble in 2 color options and if both light weight and warm.

Ruya snapped a few pictures wearing the shawl in Red and Oo La La! The Aviator Frames and Neutral Booties! What a win.


For additional Detalis about Ruya’s Plaid Shawl Outfit Combination Click Here! 




Retailed @ 34.99, what a Classic Item.


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The Right Women's Hat

Monday, November 14, 2016 11:54:10 AM America/New_York




Choosing the right Women’s Hat can be such a task! I mean, to be completely honest, until recently I barely ever wore Hats! It just so happens that here lately my schedule demands them. And as we are gradually approaching Winter Season, the weather is demanding them as well!

 Naturally always madly in Love with my Hair, Women’s Hat’s always seemed to cover up, or even worse, mess up my Hair after I have taken the time to nearly perfect it.

Then I realized how warm Women’s Hats really are and how much fun they can be and more importantly how much time they are able to save me when I am getting ready for the day!

 Women’s Hats even provide protection for my Hair when it is humid and rainy out, so what’s really not to Love?

So as soon as I started to become a little more comfortable with incorporating Hats into my wardrobe -- voila, like magic, the options are endless!

 Of course I have a few favorites that goes! I absolutely adore -- so here goes! 

The Women’s Knit Slouchy Beanie w/ Fur Pom in Taupe

is at the top of my list!


From the moment I first laid eyes on this piece, I was in Love, like obsessed. Let me tell you why …. for one it is perfectly constructed!

The Fur Pom is proportioned not to mention texturally blissful. The knit itself is the perfect thickness. Like you know how some Women’s Hats are super thin? Which is sometimes a good thing if you want to wear a Hat and you aren’t necessarily looking to be warm.


Anyway, so this Women’s Hat is perfect. There is room for expansion without compromising the structure which comes in clutch on a big Hair day.



The Taupe color literally goes with everything since it is the perfect neutral.


Next on the list, Women’s Baseball Cap w/ Black Fur Pom! Retailed at 49.99, I wouldn’t imagine spending a penny less. To start it is extremely well made. Like it’s not flimsy at all, which is life!


The Black Fur Pom is so nice! It truly makes this Women’s Hat so much fun! I really love this piece because of it’s ability to dress up a rather loungy or casual outfit! The base of the Hat is a great shade of Gray. Not quite a Charcoal, yet definitely darker than a Heather. Do you know?




It is adjustable which rocks. Since the size of your head will ultimately vary if you go from wearing a Straight Sleek Pony to having a Curly Hair day.


This Women’s Hat is extremely warm which means …. Happy New Year! Feel free to take this piece with you into the cool Winter months.


I’m basically a minimalist and usually I prefer to keep things fairly simple. This Women’s Hat is the perfect choice for me. However, if you like to Jazz things up and could use a little more detail in your life … an additional version of this Classic Piece is available with a fine white stitching along the bone of the cap. The Pom also has some white and gray fur along with the black fur.

get the look.jpg


Are you ready for this? As much as I love love love the Taupe Slouchy Beanie w/ Fur Pom would you believe that additional patterns and color options are available?!


A super chill black and white combination with the black fur pom is perfect for a pair of jeans, or leggings of course. Pair them with a cute oversized sweater and you are seriously all set!


If you happen to be looking to add some pops of color into your wardrobe the multi-color options incorporate a very endearing shade of Fuschia into the Black and White mix and shakes it up a bit with a Gray Pom.


This piece because of the color combination has a super youthful vibe to me more than the others. Perfect for kicking it!


Last but not least…. OMG how sweet!


The Fur Trim Striped 2-IN-1 Cuff/Hat. At first I was like no way! There’s no way this Cuff also converts into a Women’s Hat, but let me tell you! -- it does and it’s the most amazing thing.


I can literally go on for days about how cool that is but it’s truly something that you have to see for yourself.


This piece is very fun and in my opinion super unisex!

Available in both Red and Black and Blue and Black color options. It’s pattern is the perfect choice for you or your Guy.


For us girly girls, cuff it! It’s so sweet and warm. If you have a little tomboy in you, then totally rock it as a Hat, it’s perfection. And on your good Hair days have your Guy wear it for you!



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Over the weekend, so cute!

Monday, November 14, 2016 10:27:35 AM America/New_York

Over the weekend, so cute!




Ohn snapped a few pictures while out wearing our Ribbed Knee Highs with Metal Studs. SHOP MinxNY using Code OHN10 through December 15th, 2016 to receive 10% Off!


Available with Rounded Studs or Spiked Studs -- Retailed @ $19.99.


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A Closet Classic

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 10:46:29 AM America/New_York

Small Logo.PNG



A Closet Classic


Flawlessly knitted in the perfect shade of Taupe accompanied by a Fur Pom, this Beanie is for sure a Closet Classic and here's why.

It's Neutral and Efficient.

The color combination of the Fur Pom and Wool makes it easy to pair with anything you decide to wear for the day. From your early morning coffee run to date night and everything in between, the style of this beanie is always appropriate. Plus, it's very warm.


Think of it as the "little black dress" of Winter Hats. 

Small Logo.PNG

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You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 10:25:26 AM America/New_York




Let’s start from the top!


These Women’s Slipper Socks are infused with lavender, and seriously who doesn't want to relax in a pair of socks that will leave your feet soft and sweet all while enjoying the luxurious benefits of lavender.

Not only are Kissables Lavender Infused Socks warm and cozy, they're available in a variety of loveable color patterns which only makes it harder to take them off.


And when that's not enough -- to keep us clumsy girls safe as we dance in the mirror when we should be cleaning our rooms .... The Kissables logo has been strategically placed on the bottom of our feet using a non slip grip technology.

Ready for the kicker ? .... They're sold in a 2 pair pack so we never forget our besties.

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Cold Feet, Bride to Be?

Thursday, October 27, 2016 3:38:14 PM America/New_York

Small Logo.PNG


Cold Feet, Bride to Be?



With your special day coming up so soon it's natural to have cold feet and MinxNY has the perfect fix!

 Our Kissables line includes a pair of double layer socks infused with shea butter to help our brides kick cold feet to the curb, literally.

These shea infused socks are offered in a few different colors and patterns so you will never have to be without a pair. 





Slip into them while you're slumbering with your bridesmaids, wear them while you get your hair and makeup done for your special day, and most importantly after you've married the man of your dreams .... snuggle up!


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