Fall is our favorite time of year here at MinxNY. The leaves are changing colors in Central Park, slipper sock season is starting, and the scent of pumpkin pie is everywhere.

Everyone in our office were sitting and discussing some of the reasons we love Fall and some of our favorite trends we have noticed this year in fashion and lifestyle.  We thought there were some great ideas and trends spotted and wanted to share them with our readers!

We hope you enjoy these finds and ideas as much as we do!


1)      The Emergence of DIY

One of our favorite things to do in the office is sharing and making the awesome crafts we all see from BuzzFeed articles and in their great videos. Not all our projects come out exactly as well as theirs, and we may have had more than one or two paint spills here in the office, but we also had some great finds.

Our favorite set of crafts is this list of 30 “Quick and Cozy Projects to Make this Fall” from BuzzFeed. It shows everything we love about Fall and has a ton of super simple, super cute, and super quick ideas!

Our favorite is their Fall fashion tip to pair with boots at #10. We were actually able to get the same look using our Fur Cuff Knee High Boot Sock and trimming the top then hemming it over. We got the same cute crochet look without having to do all the work. (Find the Knee  High Boot Socks Here)




2)      Striped Up

Stripes are in this Fall like never before and we love it! For those of you who kept up with trends in Milan, Paris, and New York it was exciting to see the designers’ new modern takes on the classic pattern. For those who missed it though check out some pictures here.

We might not be a chic Paris fashion house but we were ahead of the trend on this one. We came out with one of our most popular slipper socks with a fun striped pattern last year. The pattern even did so well it is back again this fall with new exciting colors like Orange and Cream!


Click Here to Learn More About our Striped Slipper Socks


3)      Spice Apple Cider

Pumpkin Spice might be all the rage every year come Fall but around our offices we are always looking for the best apple cider ideas so we can use up our leftover apples from our office trips apple picking. (By the way how cool is it that we take office trips apple picking!!!)

Here is a video from Tastemades’s YouTube channel that is super easy to make. Jessica, from our social media team, even said that she was able to use a slow cooker to cook the cider so when she got back from work it was all set and ready to strain. We loved her idea and wanted to share it since she shared her cider with us!


4)      Fall Fashion Boards

One of the easiest ways to stay up to date on the hottest trends and styles is to follow some Fall fashion boards set up on different magazines and social media sites. They go above and beyond just Pinterest, although they do always have some great one, like this board from InStyle Magazine. Two more of our office favorites come from Elle and Cosmopolitan’s Websites.

We especially loved these affordable knee high boots, made by Mango, from Refinery29’s article featuring 30 Fall Leather Boots. Wouldn’t they look super fab with our Rust Colored Speckled Wool Knee Highs?




5)      Functional Accessories and Apparel

One of our favorite trends that has come a long way over the last year is the addition of unique functionality into clothing that is also fashion forward. We have seen it coming from the tech world for a while with wearable tech but now the fashion world is starting to catch on with apparel that does more than just keep you warm.

It may seem like self-promotion but some of the most popular items among MinxNY employees here in the office come from the functional fashion realm. One of our most popular new items is the “ULTRA SOFT SILKY FAUX FUR INFINITY SCARF WITH HIDDEN INTERIOR POCKET”. It is one of our warmest, coziest scarves and it can also fit an IPhone 6+ without feeling weighed down or heavy.

Check out this photo from blogger Curly Crafty Mom:


You can learn more about or buy this scarf by clicking here.


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