It’s not long until we see the sun again- heck, we’re already working on our beach bodies since January 1st. Are your travel plans all set for your summer getaways? Guilty- we’re counting down the days! BeachTech would like to introduce a new super absorbent, fast drying, lightweight and stylish beach towel that’s perfect for travelling.


Seriously speaking- these super absorbent microfiber towels by BeachTech absorb 3 times as much weight in water. Not to mention, they are large at 32”x 64” but are so compact when folded. Compare it to a 3x8 inch book with 1 inch thickness. Like we said, perfect for travelling, lightweight and small enough to even carry in your personal handbag.



So where can you use these towels? They’re honestly so versatile and can be used for the beach, swimming, yoga, pilates, the park and camping. Did we mention they’re unisex, and made for kids and adults? With their stylish designs and catchy phrases, you’ll be the trendiest in your crowd.



No longer should we worry about fetching heavy, soiled and smelly towels home after use, these are so easy to clean- sand just falls off. Also, they are antibacterial and will not attract odors. BeachTech towels dry 50% faster than traditional towels, because they are made from suede microfiber mostly.



So what are you waiting for?! These trending towels are your perfect travel companion this summer and they make a great gift choice for those who love the outdoors and are into fitness such as yoga and swimming. Get yours soon, you'll want to take them everywhere!