New York is known for being a city of big dreams, hard workers, and high fashion. That’s right- we’re the city that never sleeps. Let’s take a moment to talk about a fashionista’s most exciting time of the year- New York Fashion Week 2017.


MinxNY has been an inspiring upcoming artisanal brand, started by seasoned veterans in the field. Having our collections all designed in Brooklyn, NY, we take pride in the quality, art and functionality of our products.

 fashion week banner

Our Baseball cap with fur pom from the Versace 19.69 Italia collection, is such a versatile piece that can be worn by all women!  If you’re the sporty type, compliment your hiking or jogging look with one of these, or if you just want a little accent piece for your night on the town.


magdeline in baseball fur  night time baseball fur


Blanket shawls are what’s trending right now and they aren't going anywhere. Our collection from Versace 19.69 Italia are plaid and come in two different blends of colors, red and brown. What we love about these are their flexibility to be worn in multiple ways. You can wear it as a women’s scarf or thrown over the shoulders like a cardigan. If you’re the conservative type, you should get these in all colors, and they will be your new sidekick.


 Magdeline in blanket shawl  rocky in blanket shawl




Our Delicate Textured Wrap Scarf is one of the softest scarves you will ever feel.  The fringes enhance the blend of colors and these can be tied in so many ways to suit your occasion or mood.  It’s also a stylish scarf choice for those living in colder climates.

fashion show  magdeline 



One of our bestsellers is this Taupe Knit Slouchy Beanie With Fur Pom. This is also from our Versace 19.69 Italia collection and it is made from premium knitted fabric. The fur pom is one of a kind and super soft with hues of earthy tones. It’s proven that you can amp up any casual or dressy look with taupe. The best part? These never go out of style.


 taupe hat  taupe hat


MinxNY’s Women’s Argan Oil Infused Slipper Socks are great for keeping the cold at bay while your feet stay warm and cozy!  The yarn is infused with argan oil which makes it like a spa pedicure every time you wear them.  Available in a variety of colors each with an adorable side button will keep you warm and stylish at the same time! We’d recommend taking a pair of these when travelling on long flights for the ultimate calmness your feet will ever feel.

socks  socks